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If your destination is Samoa, American Samoa or the Independent State of Samoa, you've come to the right place. We live and work in American Samoa and after years of experience in the travel business here we know Samoa better than any mainland travel agent you can find, bar none. We don't just know about the hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, golf courses, beaches, National Parks (both Samoas have one) through some outdated broucher, we have been to them, and in many cases know the people who own them on a first name basis. Even the best mainland travel agents who travel to Samoa, to get a "feel" for what's on the ground, only do so once in a great while. We are here day in and day out. We know about the lastest changes and the newest hotels, resorts, and restaurants. We know the very best places in Samoa (whatever your budget) and we can steer you away from the bum deals and tourist rip-offs. Best yet, if you book your reservations through us, when you get here we're here too, not six thousand miles, six time zones, and a very expensive phone call away. If there is any type of a problem, or you need to make changes in your travel plans, you can come to our office or call inexpensively at a time that's convenient for you.

Mana Galea'i and Teri Hunkin

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Samoa is in the heart of the Pacific. Our customers routinely travel to virtually every travel destination in the Pacific and the Pacific Rim. While we can't say we've been everywhere in the Pacific, we have served customers going to and coming from nearly every Pacific island. Our experience includes working with a whole range of Pacific travelers from individual passagers to National sports teams. The bottom line is we know Pacific in an intimate way that no mainland travel agent can rival.


While our strength is Samoa and the Pacific that by no means implies that we can't help with your travel needs the world over. Samoans reached these island 3000 years ago and traditionally have been world class navigators and travelers. That tradition of exploration of the world continues and there are Samoans on every continent on the planet. And we get them there on a regular basis, be it Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Jerusalem, or Moscow our customers are busy world travelers. Meeting their travel needs have given us travel experience on par with, if not better than, the best mainland travel agents.

So what are you waiting for? Whether your travel needs are in Samoa, the Pacific, or the World contact us, our experience will make your next trip the best it can possibly be.

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